Today is a gift…

Today is a gift to me. Today (yes, today) was brought to me by an extraordinary friend. She wishes to help me bring my work to the world because she ‘gets” it. I bow to her.

As she knows, my work is to bring about radical perceptions of what true healing is about and how to facilitate it in our selves and with others. The main principle is that of bringing Divine Presence into trauma and places where there is fear and misperceptions and defeating self beliefs.

I have written a book about this work – The New Regression Therapy. It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is also a Kindle book. It really is extraordinary and though it is originally written for therapists and students of psychotherapy and the healing arts, many have read it who are not practitioners in the field and report how they are affected spiritually upon reading it.

It is my hope that this blog will bring such upliftment and sharing of expansion on the tools of NRT, the New Regression Therapy.

Thanks for showing up…….I will be back.




Of course some have started to read it and given up as they have been trying to understand it from an old paradigm. But that is ok.

For those of you who subscribe here, I will try to place in this blog discussions that are relevant to deep healing for souls, all based on my work and experience.


The video link of a talk I gave in October of 2011 at the 31st Annual INternational COnference of the international Association for Research and Regression Therapies is really good. I get a little choked up  in the start referencing some old mentors from 40 years ago. But the principles discussed about Sanskaras (impressions on the soul) and how to bring Divine Presence into those impressions are very significant. a century ago we all perceived that we were stuck in karma.Eastern teachers proclaimed that only through their connection could a soul come to dissolve such impressions.

But now, this can happen within ourselvs and clients or those that come to us. Now we can facilitate such deep and profound healing of the veils where we have kept ourselves from the Divine Presence within..

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“Who ever brought me here must take me Home”

Resting upon the bed, asking those I know that hold me in a vision of Love to be with me now for a while. I want to address a particular issue with healing. I have already seen a past life of mine that was causal to the theme I want to bring healing to. That experience occurred a couple of days ago.

The names of those I call upon are those n the spiritual realms who have lived here in the Earth existence and no longer need to be here in body, but choose to be here close to our realm, as they bring the Light of True Being to our experience as we ask for it. These Friends are part of my “Team.”

I think that of past life that I had experienced the other day upon similar invocation of my “Team of Friends.” I am presumptuous. I think that I must return to that life to finish the self regression and therapy. I know my own prescribed protocol.

But my concept of where I must be now is softly dismissed.

Love comes, a Presence as fine as the sweetest violin soaring with a truly light fragrance of pink. A room opens, a very large room, as if in a large mosque or eastern temple. I see a very wide and higher half circle arch with a border of multicolor inlaid tiles of greens, soft red, yellows, and above are walls and ceiling that are vibrating softest yet strongest pink. My Friend and Teacher has taken me to a healing temple.

The Love that I am enveloped in sings of lightness of being and effortless healing. There is nothing to do on my part. I have already asked with sincere intention and with an assumption that something I need will come.

I bask in this presence as it fills up all of me. This seems as the highest form of love. Human love is left with the passion of caring and the pain of loss. The identity within myself of what was longed for in human love is now dissolved. This presence raises up all with total acceptance. This is the Love that is Home and has come to take us Home.


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Do not be surprised these days

Do not be surprised if you feel uplifting shifts in the body of energies that are non physical. Recent influx on Christ energies are lifting the whole of the planet toward the convergence of all the paths into the completion of His Work.

If you just listen in the body (not the head) you may feel the rise of that energy in your field, inside the physical boundaries and outside.

You will certainly experience other issues memories and themes to be addressed in your soul for healing, that is part of the effect of your choosing to be here at this time. You will also come to great and currently unimaginable ways of being and feeling that are the fulfillment of your souls purposes here. . . For now, each choice you make in that direction places you more and more into conscious awareness that you are being carried into this completion of this Earth’s Journey and of your own Journey.

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Please Be Careful

I understand how you get dissuaded from attention to Me. Mostly you do not know that this is happening. I find that it is helpful if you just put a picture or symbol or an object around that holds a trigger for you to return to my Presence inside.

When you are giving attention with emotional glue to something else, attaching yourself to something in the mind or giving that something more meaning than it needs, then you are, in effect, away from Me. When your trigger for remembering Me comes to your attention or your mind, just ask that I help you in the return to your Self, right then and there.

I am the longing that calls to you in your loneliness, the warmth and Light that recognizes you upon the return home inside. I am even the gratefulness you experience in that return to my Presence.

Do you know that I miss you when you are away from me in your attention? Do you know that it is that missing you that calls and pulls you back into my breast and my caring for you?

I am calling you home in many, many ways.

How could it be otherwise?


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It is all very fitting

Imagine you have 300 lives going on all at the same time and in them are various themes of learning and growing, all choreographed by the soul. Some of them have unfinished business, themes of learning that have not yet been brought to a close. Some of these themes may be considered to be “bleeding through” into this life. They are characteristics of behavior that perhaps you have grown accustomed to and they mostly play a background noise role in your conscious awareness. In a way, they are characters from other plays and movies of your other lives. These characteristics have come to act out their scripts in this life.

Consider this — Consciousness does not die. The personality of a life’s expression does not end, but continues. In point of reference, we think of a soul’s journey through many “lifetimes.” In these lives we acquire strengths, learnings, losses, gains, teachings, tools, trainings, resources and so on. We also acquire trauma, negative beliefs, and unfinished business. All of these contribute to our sense of self-identity, projections onto the world of relationships and interaction with life. We think that what we see or perceive is real and that someone else (the world, God, the others we blame) put it there. Actually, we have put it all there by our own imagining, and all driven by a primal belief in separation and all the consequential illusions of the ego.

When we blame the world or other people for our experiences, this is really just our own projection emanating out from these memories. So all the while what each one of us is experiencing from our own center outward to the apparent ends of the physical and emotional universe is actually a projection from within and, like it or not, it is perfectly fitting for each of us. Given this, what we are mostly doing in our lives, then, is watching a movie on a screen and believing it is real and believing we are in it.

If you did not like what was on the screen at the local theater, would you go and tear up the screen? This would not be dissimilar from what we are doing when we try to manipulate our world. We could, instead, recognize who is actually in charge of the projection booth and replace the film, and then enjoy a new movie.

(From The New Regression Therapy: Healing the Wounds and Trauma of This Life and Past Lives with the Presence and Light of the Divine. Greg McHugh, Create Space, 2010)

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How to be moved into Trusting in the Divine

Note how that title is expressed. It might have been written “How to Trust in the Divine.” But such an approach has the antithesis to trust built it.. It implies that the person is taking or making and action, no matter that it seems to be so subtle or subjective. Let’s make this clear, Trust in the Divine is an experience, a state that we are given by the same we are wanting to trust in. It is a mode of the Divine.

Trust cannot be be made our experience by our thinking mind, our rational mind. No matter how much one might make dialogue inside saying, “Well, I should put more trust in God,” or “I should trust that all this will turn out ok,” or “I should have faith.”

Trust cannot be brought about by will. In this use, “will” is an effort or attempt to push into creation our own idea(s) to be made manifest. The nature of such a way of being is contrary to the experience of Trust in the Divine. Such an effort can be thought of as yang in the Chinese concept of yin/yang or female/male.

Even “the willingness to trust” implies such effort…but such willingness can be applied as prayer or request, and in this light, a request for the experience of Trust. So, then what do can we do?

We can ask for the “experience of Trust in the Divine.” We can make the prayer as that: “Please bring me the experience of Trust (in you).”

Then we are moving away from trying to trust, trying to create outcome through our will and in the manner we would prefer, to placing ourselves in a receptive move to the Divine, a yin posture, if you will, to receiving the experience. Then Trust comes upon us and we are in it and it in us. It becomes our field of experience.


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The Willingness to Trust

This would not be an issue for most of us, if we had not acquired reticence – a fear based paradigm in our souls, that we are not totally safe, that we cannot totally surrender, lest the worst can happen.

Somewhere in each one’s soul history is a critical initial misperception that resulted in this reticence and it is replicated lifetime after lifetime, a theme that hums in the background. A metaphor that is useful is to think of ourselves as having emerged from the womb of God for our adventures in creation and upon such emergence forgot that the One we were merged with prior to such soul birth was still within us. In this primal event we became self conscious of ourselves and so thought of our selves as separate from the Divine, the One. Where the relationship prior to this emergence was bliss and union and very little individuation, now came “where am I?” Now a sense of distance or loss or feeling abandoned or left or even kicked out against our will into a realm where there was nothing.

To address that we created something, a universe, a world for ourselves. And the mortar for the world’s existence was the fear based orientation of separation from the Divine. Then was built a world that we can relate to on our own terms, terms that, in some way, say I must give meaning to things and appearances outside so that I am safe. I must make myself safe from ever having to re experience the terror of that first emergence, the feeling of being kicked out, the sense of not wanted.

I cannot and will not trust in the Divine ever again. That I am reluctant is a serious understatement. My reticence to trust in the Presence, let alone to surrender is the antagonist in my drama.

The emotions of that event and the associated belief ride with us even to today. And the birth into the separateness of these bodies replicates that first emergence. The associated emotions and beliefs vary in each “lifetime” but the pattern of emergence from the state of spirit, to involvement in the womb and then birth in the body is a very profound reenactment of that first primal event.

And hidden in this drama, deep within us all, in the Self, the Cell of the Divine within, is the willingness to trust and surrender or release all the meaning we have given in that old paradigm of fear and separateness. The One that lives in us, the One, which is who we are and always have been, is the source of the willingness to trust. Trust, itself is that One.

“Trust is my way, my Love for you made manifest. Now drink, one sip at a time of my nurturing water within you, and you will feel the willingness to surrender to Love come about in a natural way for you. ”

How could it be otherwise?



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